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In Order to supply Your customer with a Valid Warranty, you must input the project in the "project map" and enter all relevant information as well a the invoice number from Soteria that the material was purchased on. Please include before pictures (when available) and after pictures of the project.

Please ensure your customers know that pictures uploaded may be used in Marketing material. If multiple roofs were purchased on one Soteria order, please add a letter to the end of the invoice number (ie..ON061A, and ON061B, etc..).

If you don't want the project to be displayed on the project map for others to view but still require a warranty form,  please indicate the reason why you do not want it displayed.

An official warranty document will be emailed to you to print or you can request that we directly mail the warranty card to your customer.  Click the button below to view the sample warranty.

Click on project map link here:

Please note that this is for DEALERS ONLY. Please do not share this link with anyone including customers. We respect privacy laws and expect the same from our dealers. Sharing this link will be in direct violation of the dealer agreement and may be cause for termination of the dealer agreement.

Please note that projects will not be displayed upon entry but rather once approved by Soteria Metal roofs.

Detailed Eternalock Installation Manual

Warranty 2020 sample jpg page 1.jpg
Warranty 2020 sample jpg page 2.jpg
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© Copyright Soteria Metal Roofs
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