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Made in Canada

Soteria Metal Roofs is a metal roofing and building products manufacturer and distributor that has combined the luxury and beauty of slate shingles with the durability and longevity of a galvanized, highly engineered Canadian made steel roof system designed to be the last roof you’ll ever need to put on your home.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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Don't be fooled by Imitation products resembling our Quality products that often use inferior steel shipped from overseas and paint that will peel. Look for the "Soteria Metal Roofs Authorized Dealer" logo on our dealer websites. Ask to see our branded warranty sample that is exclusive to only our dealers to know you are getting the real deal.

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Beauty, Durability, Lifetime Waranty

The modern appeal of lifetime metal roofing finds its match here – where enduring protection meets the subtle influences of nature to complement any neighbourhood, and adds focal distinction to architectural design. Achieving popularity in exterior home design, an architectural-grade metal roofing finish system, with its superior colour retention technology, is recognized as an attractive home improvement upgrade.

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Soteria Metal Roofs are backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty that not only protects your roof for the duration of your home ownership, but can also be transferred to a new homeowner..

Espresso Brown Soteria Metal Roof
permanent black Soteria steel roof in Toronto Ontario
Sable Black Soteria Metal Roof Ontario Canada

Your home’s roof is its first line of defence against the elements. And, let’s face it, no matter where you live, your roof is subject to a lot of extremes. Hot and cold temperatures, rain, high winds, damaging sunlight, ice, and snow – these things all work together to wreak havoc on most roofing materials. It’s because of these things that most homeowners find themselves having to re-roof years sooner than they expected.

Soteria Metal Roofs has combined the lasting strength and durability of steel roofing with state of the art engineered design, coating and other technologies to provide roofs that are maintenance-free and will likely last the life of your home. We Guarantee it!

Our panels interlock on all sides and the fasteners are floating and concealed allowing for expansion and contraction as temperatures rise and fall.

Our panels can resist even hurricane force winds while the quality G90 galvanized steel provides unmatched fire protection for your home. At ¼ the weight of conventional roofing shingles, Soteria roofs can be installed over most existing roofs, allowing you to invest in a better roof rather than the expense to dispose your old roof in a landfill.

Sable Black Soteria Metal roof in Vaughan Ontario

Aggressive pests gaining access to your attic will be a thing of the past. With our heavy gauge steel system, even the toughest of pests cannot penetrate the roof. Eliminate the need to call in an exterminator.

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While unsuspecting homeowners may think they are getting a good deal with a lower initial cost, choosing inferior materials and through-fastened strapped metal roofing can result in costly ongoing maintenance and problems.

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Devastating climate events ranging from wildfires to monster hurricanes, destructive hailstorms and thunderstorms also reinforced the need for U.S. and Canadian homeowners to take action to better protect their homes against extremes.

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