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the goddess or spirit of safety and salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm.

Soteria Metal Roofs is one of Canada's leading Metal Roofing manufacturer and distributor.

Through our team of experienced engineers, we have analyzed the benefits and flaws of many metal roofing systems and implemented the best features of each system to create Soteria Metal Roofs. With our Laboratory testing replicating extreme weather conditions, we were able to produce a product that can truly withstand the test of time.

Our research and development team are consistently testing alternative styles and products in efforts to offer more choices for homeowners to achieve a permanent roof that will represent the style that showcases their home best. We strongly believe that you should not have to compromise beauty for durability and we have achieved just that.

Soteria Metal Roof Storm Grey Durham Region Ontario
Soteria Metal Roof Sable Black interlocking roof panel

Our superior 4-way interlocking system with independent hidden fasteners in conjunction with our heavy gauge steel and industry leading coating makes a Soteria Metal Roof the obvious choice.


Metal roofing is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Not only does it add a beautiful unique look to your home, but it can also benefit your home and your wallet in a number of ways.

One type of benefit is that a Soteria Metal Roof is incredibly durable compare to standard asphalt roofing as well as some other types of metal roofing.

Our superior 4-way interlocking system with independent hidden fasteners in conjunction with our heavy gauge steel and industry leading coating makes a Soteria roof the obvious choice.

Asphalt shingles may last ten or fifteen years  but Soteria Metal Roofs last a lifetime.This barres any major incidents or natural disasters that would require its replacement.This means you can avoid planning a major expense for your roof every decade or so.

Soteria Metal Roofs are so economical that they will save you money on energy costs. It keeps cool air inside in the summer, and warm air inside in the winter; Essentially, it makes your home more airtight and it will reflect the sun shining on the roof surface back outwards instead of taking it in.

A cool metal roof is determined by our application of a specially-formulated reflective coating, which can reduce energy consumption and contribute to air conditioning cost savings, improving indoor comfort during the warmer months.

You will notice a difference when a Soteria metal roof is installed.

Soteria Metal Roof Sable Black interlocking roof cap
cool roof technology to improve energy efficiency
Family safe Soteria Metal Roof Ontario

Your home will receive superior protection from fire and water with a Soteria Metal Roof. This is because a Soteria Metal Roof is considerably more lightweight than usual asphalt, wood or slate roofs. You won't have to deal with leaks or water damage from excessive rain or snow. A Soteria roof can handle it.

Asphalt or wood roofs will easily feed flames but a Soteria roof won't catch fire. A Soteria roof is more flame retardant; this will put your mind at ease because it one less precaution to take to protect your home and family.

In conclusion, a Soteria Metal Roof will provide your family with a durable, reliable roofing solution that will keep your home much better protected for much longer than typical asphalt shingles.

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