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Our superior 4-way interlocking system with independent hidden fasteners in conjunction with our heavy gauge steel tiles consisting of a Galvalume coating which is applied by a continuous hot-dip process. It consists of approximately 55% aluminum and 45% zinc allowing for a superior corrosion resistance (more than two times galvanized). This perfect combination makes a Soteria roof the obvious choice for your home.

Your roof deserves to stay beautiful, so we’ve designed one to last the test of time. Carefree maintenance and everlasting beauty is what you can expect from Soteria. With our low gloss Kynar 500© finish or our exceptional WeatherXL™ coatings, there is no wrong choice in colour to choose for your home.

Our WeatherXL™ crinkle finish has a unique texture technology that redirects light for both artistic visual depth as well as energy efficiency cool roof technology that reduces energy costs.

Fossil Grey

Fossil Grey

Eternalock Soteria Sable Black Panel p.j

Sable Black

Eternalock Soteria Espresso Brown Panel

Espresso Brown

Grey Hi Def.jpeg

Storm Grey

Custom Colours Available...Coming soon!

For our extreme Canadian weather conditions, our silicone-modified polyester (SMP) formula means stronger protection for your Soteria Metal roof providing more durability, and better metal paint endurance.


The WeatherXL Crinkle finish by Valspar is known for its astonishing colour and gloss retention along with its superior resistance of chalking and fading. This is because of a unique formulation combining the durability of ceramic and other pigments with the strength of a breakthrough proprietary silicone polyester resin.

It also provides more friction to slow down snow and ice from sliding as well as more traction when walking on the roof than other coatings.

WeatherXL coatings are cutting-edge formulations each feature a two-coat finish recognized for its durability, offering even stronger protection and endurance during extreme conditions than its predecessor. Created to withstand most anything that comes it's way, our specially formulated WeatherXL silicone-modified polyester coating is designed to go where it will be abused - maintaining extreme resistance to abrasion, chipping, and marring with tremendous colour and gloss retention.

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If the shingles on your roof are looking stained, if they're falling off or in need of repair, you are probably in the market for a new roof. Instead of replacing your roof with shingles that will inevitably need repair or replacement in a number of years, consider a more energy efficient, longer lasting, and aesthetically impressive option. You will be glad you went with a Soteria Metal roof when in ten years your roof still looks like new and protecting your home rather than needing to be replaced (again). Consider these benefits of a Soteria Metal Roof:

Energy Star Approved - Lower your Summer cooling bills.

Environmentally friendly - Made from post-consumer recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

Beauty - Available in a variety of colours for a beautiful home.

Durability - Will last a lifetime without deterioration of flaking.

Four-way Interlock system - Interlocking connection system on all four sides of the shingle.

Secure Hidden Tornado Clips - Facilitates expansion and contraction without penetration of the tile.

Sheds Ice and Snow - Reflected heat from the sun melt ice and snow.

Hail resistant - Up to 2 inches in diameter.

Safety - Will not burn or promote combustion from flying embers and wildfires.

Maintenance free - Will not rust, crack, mildew, or rot and never needs cleaning.

Easy Installation - Can easily be installed over most roofs eliminating costly tear-offs, mess and repairs.

Resists Streaking and Staining - Ensuring a clean, vibrant colourful roof.

Impervious to Water Absorption - Will not absorb water or become waterlogged.

Impervious to Nature - Will not rot or support insect infestation.

Curbside appeal - Retains home value and easier to sell the home.

Lifetime Warranty - Non pro-rated for peace of mind.

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